Iranians to rebuild Roudaki's tomb in Tajikistan


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Aug 17, 2003
Feb 15 (IranMania) - Restoration works on the tomb of the famous poet Roudaki, which is located in Tajikistan, will be carried out by Iranian architects, reported CHN.

The decision to the effect was made following President Mohammad Khatami's visit to the poet's tomb during a trip to Tajikistan. The president pledged to extend all cooperation to the Tajik government to rebuild the tomb.

The tomb of the renowned Persian poet is located at Panjroud, Tajikistan. Iranian and Tajik governments have decided to rebuild Roudaki's tomb in view of the special status the poet has in Persian literature and the culture of the two nations.

Tajik Ambassador to Iran Ramezan Mirzayev said that the Tajik Embassy is following up the dispatch of Iranian architects to Tajikistan adding that they are expected to hold consultations with their Tajik counterparts on the reconstruction operation.

Mirzayev said that Iran and Tajikistan have a history of cooperation in rebuilding cultural heritage sites citing the reconstruction of the tomb of the poet Saeed Ali Hamedani in Tajikistan several years ago.