Iraqi PM into making

Oct 18, 2002
Ok guys let me start this way.

Most of us here are not particularly happy about the state of our country and the way and by whom are country is being ruled.

but this topic is about Iraq and how Iranian National security aprateus has handled it.

I think one needs to give Credit to IRI for how skillfully they have played thier cards in Iraq since the american invasion and by the way they still have most of their cards remaning in their hands.

the Kuridish candidate for president is Talebani. Clearly a friendly choice for Iran. Frequently has visited Iran during the past 20 odd years.

Hussain Shahrestani once again has declined the post of prime minister.

leaving the race to be fought between Ibrahim Aljafari and Ahmad Chalapi.

Ibrahim aljafari has been nurtured by Iran has close contacts in Iran.

ahmad Chalapi did not rely on Iran so much in the begining but in light of being out favor of even chenye now. he heavily relys on Iran.

Now I am discussing here what is fair for Iraqi people. ubviously all these politicians secular and non secular are nothing but theifs.

I think it would be good For Iran for Ibrahim AlJafari to Win the post.

because he is a moderate who has the ear of Iraqi conservatives. He is gone have leverage over americans and Iranian government certainly considers him a friend and will listen to him.

I think if AlJaffari were to get the PM post it would be very likley that many of today's show downs could be resolved between America and Iran.

There is no guranty but Ibrahim aljafari seems the best choice right now.
Oct 1, 2004
I have to agree with you, this whole Iraq situation has been handled very well by IRI whether we like it or not.