Is he Rah-Ahn's old goal keepr?


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Feb 6, 2005
Does this picture belong to Hossein Raghfar, goalie of Rah-Ahan and possibly national youth team before the revolution, and a hezbollahi and IRI official accused of involvement in society's suppression after the revolution?


if I am not mistaken he not only played for TM youth but also was invited to senior TM (not sure if he got capped). As I vaguely remember he also held position of head of IFF for a short time when he had not even reached third decade of his life at a time when TM players older than 27 years old (such as Hejazi, Parvin, Rowshan, Abdullahi, ...) were banned from TM (except for Hezbollahis like Mayeli and Dadkan).

The person in question is an IRI economist and researcher according to this article:

راغفر و خط فقر
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