Is this Keyrush or whatever his name?, Still TM coach??

Oct 18, 2002
One word! Eftezaah! ( I wished I had farsi fonts here),,,,
Agha if this guy is still our coach then khaak tu sar-e IFF e nahs e najess!
I thought after losing to Argentina 1-0 in previous WC, a game which we should have won 3-0 easily, they surely get rid of this guy.

he is a defensive idiot. like that guy b4 him. Nothing but disaster (so afraid of losing 6-0, winds up losing 3-0 whats the diff.?) Our team Sucks they players SUCK they can shoot in an empty goal from 6 meters there is No Offense and has not been since Daie;s time,,,
they cant shoot a free kick. Nor they can hit a header ... TM is in a high school level/ Do they practice Anything? any thing at all?

I was watching some old videos like victory (so called) over morocco and we didn't even score . they scored an own-goal!
Japan beat the shi* out of us 3-0 and Qatar scored 3 vs Japan! KHaak Aalam...
In a country ran over by bunch of low life bastards** cant expect nothing good. TM is the last....
This is why I quit football. I am POed... In other countries football has become too damn commercial and fake too. but at least some players know how to kick the ball...

**I mean, it is 1 thing that they don't know who their fathers are but when their mothers don't even know... then you have a Republic!
een zena zadeh ha deliberately bring us down , in everything ....khaak tu sar-e mardom-e bi orzeh...


Football Legend
Oct 18, 2002
LOL the king of ISP is back. :)

How are you Meyti jan? Long time no see....How have you been?

Meyti jan what has happened to you man? Once up on a time we got the football news from you. Now you don't even know who the coach is? They have replaced CQ with a worse coach (Marc Wilmots). Well, he's had 3 games so far so too early to judge but it doesn't look good.