ISP Fantasy Football 2016 yahoo


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Greetings ISP football fans, American football that is! I tried to create a fantasy football league last year and we were able to get some people to join but not enough. Yahoo has a standard 10 man league but we could also do an 8 man league. The only difference is you wait less time in between your draft picks because you have two less picks to deal with. IF we get enough interest, I will create a league on yahoo but we need AT LEAST 7 people. We have until the first game of the regular season, we still have a couple of weeks of preseason left to create a league and draft our teams. If you are a football junkie like me, you are in SEVERAL fantasy football leagues. This is like Dungeon's and Dragons but for jocks so the only difference is fantasy football people are beating up Dungeon's and Dragon's people.