IT is me or everybody things the U.S foreign policy is so predictable???


Oct 18, 2002
San Diego, CA

Not long time ago me, PN ( where is he btw) and some other members suggested that as soon as Iraq is on its way to stability Iran will be in the spotlight..

Afterall, the same thing happened to Iraq.. slowly.. it took 13 years to build up a plan to invade the country.. now Iran is next! Slowly they are building their case...


PS: hmmm noticed that once you have a thread you can't delete them or even edit the subject??????


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Jul 7, 2003
Notice also that by weeckening Syria they have weakend Iran. Every article I read
point out that something happens in June. June is the mounth in which presidental election will happen. It is the the death line to EU Iran negociation. It is close to
the time Israel have predicted Iran will develope atom....
What there is on their mind. I don't know. But attack is the last option.


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Apr 14, 2003
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they know that attacking iran will not be as simple as iraq, so they are trying to weaken irans allies first. they have put syria in the spotlight regarding the bombing in beirut and before this story has gotten completely cold, israel starts accusing syria and hezbollah simultaneously about the terrorist attack (suicide bombing) in israel, which killed and injured many innocent young people.

recently syria and iran agreed to put their defenses together, so it might be an easy way to lure iran into a conflict by attacking syria.

at the same time, the russians delayed signing the deal to start fuel shipment to iran. although they say its because of differences of opinion regarding the time of shipment, i dont know if thats the real agenda.