John Shahidi/Anwar Jiwabi comedy productions


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Oct 22, 2016
Been watching Anwar's videos on yt and haven't seen anything funnier in a while; Anwar, an American Palestinian works with John Shahidi of Kurdish Iranian parents.
John Shahidi was born to an Iranian Kurdish family in Los Angeles, CA.
John and brother, Sam Shahidi started developing iOS apps in 2009.
Floyd Mayweather and Shahidi met through mutual friends. When Mayweather learned more about the vision Shahidi and his brother, Sam had, he asked to be the companies first investor by investing $500,000 into RockLive. Shahidi was hired by Mayweather to be his creative director and help create The Money Team brand, which was launched in 2012. In 2011, Shahidi met Mike Tyson, who was interested in Shahidi's digital strategy
After raising $12.1 million in funding in 2015 and with the number of the Shots app users dropping, Shahidi changed focus from software to content. RockLive rebranded to Shots Studios,
In 2015, Shahidi moved from San Francisco back to Los Angeles, where he met digital creator Anwar Jibawi.

Shahidi is known for his presence on the social media network Twitter, with Recode calling him the "King of Twitter" in 2014 and calling the phenomenon of receiving a large number of retweets "getting Shahidi'd".
Shahidi has said he turned down "six-figure offers" from brands asking him to endorse their products.

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