Julia Gillard resigns as Australia's Prime Minister

Australian politics is rarely discussed in the media - unless you're living in Australia, of course. However, yesterday, something unbelievable happened. Three months before the general elections, Prime Minister Julia Gillard lost the Labor leadership battle against her nemesis Kevin Rudd. He was Prime Minister over three years ago until he was ousted by Ms Gillard.

Julia Gillard's time as Australia's Prime Minister was a busy one for certain. Most of the news I have heard in the British media at least is that she suffered by being a woman - the male politicians couldn't stomach a woman Prime Minister. However, although I've never been to Australia, I can see that it is a great country to live and visit. Everyone still talks about Australia being their "dream vacation" - surely that is all down to decent politics? For me good policies = good social environment.

I could be biased because she was born 15 miles away from me (I was born in Cardiff, Gillard in Barry, UK) but I believe that she did a decent job as PM, considering all the stick she received during her time in the hotseat. I follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook and feel she communicates very well in the social medium.

For those living in Australia - did you benefit living under the life and times of Julia Gillard? For those not living in Australia - did you get a good vibe from Julia Gillard?