just discovered firefox

Nov 29, 2002
How come no one told me about this before, it is AMAZING! It just solved every thousand problems I had when using internet explorer.
And I'm sure pages seem to load up quicker

I dont know that much about computers but what i do know as a layman is that this software is a must


News Team
Oct 18, 2002
lool, we had a big thread about this just before the old isp forum went down...

how did you miss it??? lol

pooya, i just started to use this browser too, i love it... its really nice that you can have multiple websites up in one browser and its easy to get to another one.

only problem is, everytime i want to go to a new browser i take my mouse all the way to the bottem of the toolbar, when the tabs are on top of the browser :D
Nov 29, 2002
I dunno all I can say is I was having a problem opening sites and also some popups that I needed to open just didnt open. Even when I disabled the popup blocker. Firefox fixed that problem.
Also pages load up faster - how is that even possible? I'm trlling you the speed the pages load up has tripled for me!
Nov 29, 2002
THis must be one of the best-kept secrets that computer geeks are keeping from the rest of us. I'm telling you I'm still waiting to be disappointed with something this browser does. I never thought I'd get excited about a web browser :eek:

Babak G

News Team, ISP Managers Team
Feb 13, 2003
Parts Unknown
whats the big deal,they load the same things,with pretty much same speed.

please be more detaited on why we should switch over and whats good about this!