Karim Benzima's interview

saeed agha

IPL Player
Oct 20, 2002
In an interview with AS newspaer (published in Al Ittihad newspaper of UAE), Benzima had some interesting points to share. I will summarize:

  • The winter break and the visit to France helped him mentaly and phsically and he wants to prove that on the field.
  • He talked very highly of Mourinho, pointing out that Jose helped him become a better player. He thinks Jose is an oustanding coach by all standards and knows how to get the best out of every player.
  • He also talked about how he respects Perez and that his visit to his home in France last year made him admire the guy more. He said Perez is always supportive especially when you need it the most.
  • He mentioned that the presence of Zidane in the team is very helpful as he is an icon.
  • Karim admitted that he is a shy person by nature and that he is not good at making new friends especialy when he meet the person for the 1st time. But he said once that stage is passed he likes to joke and tease his friends.
  • Karim talked very positivly about Ronaldo. He desribes him as a great player and person on and off the field. He is the closest person to him in the team.
  • He also talked about Barca being a great team playing a special style of football as the players and the coach been together for a long time. He said that we are ashamed and sad because of the 5-0 loss, but we can get back to them and looking eagirly to the return leg.
  • Finally he said he is happy about the opportunity to be able to play more now that Higuin is injured, and he will try his best to prove himself.
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