Karimi 100 caps - Kia 99...


National Team Player
Oct 18, 2002
I am surprised as well that Karimi has a cap more than kia. Karimi only started playing for TM in 1998 and he was also suspended for some time.
Feb 15, 2006
, Kia will play his 100th against China... Mashallah be in dotta!
I wish he had done better on his 100th game for TM
Not to diss our TM Captain, but GOD, today he was slow and running strait without looking up and lost the ball in his dribles most of the time!
I guess now these days when Kia turns on his fastrunnig MOTOR, its just not the same as france 98 against US!
Maybe he needs to clean his carbrator.
Anyway more speed for speedy Kia!
Thats how we know him.