Kazemian! He was superb!


Bench Warmer
Nov 22, 2002
I've been dying to talk about Kazemian's performace in the Bosnia game, but had to wait for ISP to come back online. Man, he was unbelievable, fantastic speed, one touch passes, and superb low crosses.

Can he repeat this performace? One thing is for sure, he won't if Branko benches him.
Oct 20, 2003
Kaziemian was impressive in that game, infact he has been very good in recent Perspolis' games but he still lacks the professionalism and experience of Mahdavikia. He is a suitable replacement for Mehdi, when Mehdi is not fit or available.


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Oct 11, 2004
he is a good sub for kia, certainly.

but seeing him perform well on the left side, I must say I wouldnt mind seeing branko try him on the left flank altogether.

kia on right and an in form kazemian on the left, is quite formidable.
with VH and King Daei up front.


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Nov 22, 2002
Ali(ISP) said:
you mean we should use him instead of kia?

highly unlikely!
No, Kia is still the choice for the right wing, but I was just amazed how well Kazemian played. Kia plays his poistion very well, and the one thing that he has which Kazem doesn't is Kia's superb contribution to our defense.

Having said all of this, I do think that our left wingers should be worried about Kazemian replacing them. Thank god our left side is not very crowded at the moment ;-)


News Team
Oct 18, 2002
San Diego, CA
Branco has used Kazemian in the past as a supersub when we needed to become a
more attacking side. Usually, he replaces Ka'bi in the lineup. He's done very well in
that role. I think that's how he will continue to be used in TM. It's great to have such
options available to us.


Football Legend
Oct 19, 2002
same here backechap jan about waiting to talk about Kazemian!
He was greaaaat in Bosnia game.

Maybe not in right wing anymore,since Mahdavikia is coming back but definetly in left wing he can be a great replacement for Nikbakht.since we r not sure where Zandi is going to play.