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Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
weak bench. bad decisions on subs. bad luck. they should still make top 4 for CL. also they know league ia over. they will play much better in CL.
I understand and agree with you but I also think there is one more thing. Real Madrid is relying too much on signing big name players and not developing their farm system. See Bayern, Mats Hummels was a Bayern youth, sure they get big name stars but they also develop players, through their farm system. La Liga is going but I think they will finish in the top 4 and be fine in the CL.
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Sep 23, 2004
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What a stupid idea to make the best player in the world risk serious injury in this pathetic weather/pitch. This game should've been called off. Espanyol were there to break legs.

I continue to see Coutinho as Barca's purchase of the decade.
It was a shitty pitch... I would rest Messi if i was the coach ... but I think he doesnt want to risk losing, maybe he is going for undefeated season ?
CDR semi final in progress, Yesterday Sevilla booked their tickets to the final after beating Leganes . Valencia hosting barca at the Mestalla in 10 minutes , Barca won the first leg 1-0 so lets see who will join Sevilla in the final

Pique in the line up as it was a last minute decision by valverde