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saeed agha

IPL Player
Oct 20, 2002
These type of games are the ones that you enjoy even if you don’t win. Such a good effort by both teams especially Real given that both casimero and Modric were missing.
Over all a good game.. just a bit too many high crosses for my liking. The result was irrelevant anyhow as the league is done.


News Team, ISP Managers Team
Jan 1, 1970
What happened to Yerry Mina ? they paid 10 Mil and this guys has only played 90 minutes since his arrival !! he is told to beone one of the most promising CB in last few years . he was supposed to give Pique some rest ..... Weird ....
they signed Yerry Mina so they can sign Coutinho and Artur. Sometimes you give gifts to agents.

I guess Messi and Suarez will play until both lose a leg or something on the field.
lots of reports in many countries' tabloids that Salah "has joined" Real Madrid. No news from any reputable sources yet though.
I dont think that wouldn't happen unless Madrid have already found a club to dispatch Bale or maybe a direct swap with pool. Bale will be a goner for sure , the only problem is his salary which was Florentino's last ever mistake. he learned his lesson since we brough Bale to Madrid. Big bonuses but not a hefty salary since then

Bale needs to make a decision as he know he wont be a regualr starter under ZZ unless Zizou leaves and then the whole new Era begin.