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Sep 23, 2004
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Are Barca going nuts or what? already $440 ME in two seasons and they're still after Pogba. they just started doing what flo used to 6-7 years ago
Well spending money is no issue if you have it ! the only issue is if you spend and dont win.
I am 1000% sure they will take La Liga yet again this year, CL though i am not sure.
He is still one of the dirtiest player I have ever watched played and should have been punished on several occasions but he got away.
Yeah let's all forget what we've seen from Ramos with our own eyes for 15 years and form a new opinion based on Rezaeian's 90 minute observation in a World-Cup match where almost everyone is on their best behavior!
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He's a good player but 31 years old. What's he supposed to do? Win trophies for Barca?

Probably a welcome addition in terms of strength behind Messi and a big help for Busquets. Still, a very temporary band-aid for a club like Barca.
Paulinho then and Vidal now wiped out the legacy of Xavi and Inista's style of football. Vidal came to replace Paulinho's position who was one of Valvarde's favourite player. It's just a new way of thinking by Valverde
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