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Bache Tehroon

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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb

He is naturally a left winger and that was his position in Sociedad. Simone plays 4-4-2 so no choice as he had to use him as a CF or a second striker.
Same with France. A LW for first few years and then used as a SS or LW. he barely plays as a 9 in France.
Didn't pay much attention to him in Sociedad.

One of the smartest players on earth but almost never a game changer. I don't rate him that highly either. Then again, Mr. Coutinho has set the bar so low that anyone could join Barca and claim "hey at least I'm no Coutinho!"

None of these purchases are gonna fix the biggest empty hole we have in our team though. Valverde's head I mean.
Oct 20, 2002
Another waste of money. 90% of Barca signings in recent years have been alaki.
As for Real, let’s see how it ends. So far too much talk and media BS.