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Mar 27, 2005
Google: Marcos Llorente ... you would be surprised! dude have you turned to typical Persian who just talks without any research?
looool I am talking about real players not bunch of useless bench warmers. Is Bale, Isco and so on been sold already that I am not aware of???

halla why are you mad man. your team buying decent players so what that they spent 300m. lol
Record signings at Barcelona

  1. Philippe Coutinho 2018 (Liverpool FC) 120,000,000 (+ 40 in add-ons, of which 15 have been paid)
  2. Ousmane Dembele 2017 (Borussia Dortmund) 105,000,000 (+40 in add-ons, of which 20 have been paid)
  3. Antoine Griezmann 2019 (Atletico de Madrid) 120,000.000
  4. Luis Suarez 2014 (Liverpool FC) 82,000,000
  5. Frenkie de Jong 2019 (Ajax Ámsterdam) 75,000.000 (+11 in add-ons).
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimović 2009 (Inter de Milán) 69,500,000 (The price cost less, but included Samuel Eto'o, who Inter valued at 20 million).
  7. Neymar da Silva 2013 (Santos FC) 57,000,000 (The original figure given by Barcelona, although others claim it was closer to 100 million in the end)
  8. Malcom 2018 (Girondins de Burdeos) 41,000,000
  9. Paulinho 2017 (Guangzhou Evergrande) 40,000,000
  10. David Villa 2010 (Valencia CF) 40,000,000
  11. Marc Overmars 2000 (Arsenal FC) 40,000,000


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Mar 27, 2005
Real Madrid have confirmed that Marco Asensio has ruptured the ACL in his left knee and will undergo surgery in the coming days.


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Sep 23, 2004
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Pre season game
Real 0 - 5 Atletico HT

so Bale is the problem???
These games are stupid man, I dont even bother watching, its a way for the club to make money in North America.
anyway, regardless of this , i dont see Real winning anything
La Liga: Barcelona
Copa: A.Madrid or Barcelona, i give Madrid 5% chance of winning this one
CL: Not barca or Real, EPL might take it again.
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