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Suarez comes in as a sub and takes the game by a storm. When he's in the right state of mind, he's one of the best in history. Good purchase by Atletico.

Barca leading Villareal 4-0 in the first half. Ansu Fati has improved quite a bit. He's been the only reason this game is so one sided. That and the fact that Villareal under Emery is just a joke.
Barca looked so good! I didnt think they would be! looks like another La Liga???
It was more Villarreal looking bad than Barca looking good. Busquets and De Jong are horrendous in midfield. Gruiezmann is completely ignored by the entire team. I have no idea what he's still doing here. He should leave.

Messi is pretty much walking all game now. He wants to care but he can't. Depression has caught up to him. It's so obvious everyone can see it. He's not like Alexis Sanchez. Football is not a job to him. He'll show his brilliance from time to time as usual, but he's not all that enthused anymore. Amazing how I'm saying this about a player who created 2 goals and scored another today!

Barca's 2nd goal today tells everything. Coutinho decides to pass to Fati instead of Messi because he can clearly see Messi is not positioned right (because he's just not that interested). This happened over and over in this game and it was quite shitty to watch. Messi should've been allowed to leave.


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Mar 27, 2005
another Bale in making.... lol

Real Madrid confirm Eden Hazard will be out three to four weeks with a muscle injury


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Mar 27, 2005
Eden Hazard has scored one goal in 22 appearances in all competitions since his £150 million move to Real Madrid last summer. Today marks the one year anniversary of his only goal for the club.
he will flop and go back to EPL in a year..


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Sep 23, 2004
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Barca dropped points again ... Alaves was a man down the last 30 min of the game!!!
Currently 8 points behind Real with a game in hand. I wonder how much time Koeman going to get.
It's amazing how much this team depended on Messi!

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Oct 20, 2002
Barca is no longer that intimidating team they used to be. The golden era is over. They are back to the pre 2006 when they were just another good team.