Lessons learned from El Clasico

Oct 20, 2002
1- Barca won because they were better in all departments.

2- Real is second not becuase they are the 2nd best, it is simply because the rest of La Liga teams this year are garbage.

3- Once again Real proved to have no game plan and doesn't know how to play like a team. We won 12 straigh just because we had players who are able to win against no name teams.

4- Pelligrini wont win anything for us this year <--- repeated this for the 10th time.

5- Pellegrini not only failed in having the team play like a team.. but also (more dangerously) had lead the players lose their self-esteem and confidence. You can see it on their faces in tight games.

6- Casillas doesn't deserve to be named the best Keeper in Spain (at least this season). He has been very below average in my opinion. I think Valdes has been much better and deserves a call to the NT.

7- Ronaldo is over-rated. He is a good player of course.. but doesn't deserve even half of his current price. He has shown it again and again.

8- Higuin is not a player of big games. He cost us the draw against Lyon.. and once again he showed that when it comes to big games, he is as good as anyone in the stand!

9- The team of last year could have done at least this good without speding any more pennies... so Mr Perez why did you spend all this money and then gave the team to a useless coach? I wish we had kept the exact team of last year and brought in a decent coach. At least we would have avoided the humiliations and the face rubbing of the other fans because of all the wasted money.

10- This loss hurt more than the 6-2 of last year because last year we had many injuried players and team was in trouble.. but this year we had no exscuse whatsover (except for having a useless coach!!).

11- Congrats to Barca for CL and the La Liga double this year. You deserved it simply because you are the best team currently. We said that you have the upper hand and that we will be happy with a draw..and we also said Pellegrini is next to zero but you accused us of knowing nothing about football !

12- Raul is the classiest player in the history of football !

Now that it is all over for me this season, I will leave you guys in peace. I will come back around the WC maybe. Khoda hafez hamegi.
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Feb 4, 2005
Agreed with all points with a minor exception on Ronaldo. He has done all he could and I think he is worth the money paid for him. Yes he didn't have a good game yesterday but overall he's been very good.

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Jul 25, 2007
To sabzi: English teams are not the shit or they would have beaten barcelona. Arsenal:--wink::--wink::--wink::--wink::--wink:
Feb 22, 2005
I dont think Madrid is a bad team. It is just that Barc is an almost unbeatable team. combination of Xavi and Messi is a killer.


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Jun 3, 2006
15. Team like spurs having good chance of making CL.

16. Roma a team having the budget as much as Spurs has good chance of winning the scudetto.