LOL in Iran...

Jun 18, 2005
I always get a laugh at some of the ceremonies held in Iran for Ashura commemorating the bitch slapping that Hossein and his 72 men got in Karbala. I thought I would share this one though, only for the huge number of spectators involved... :1:

Lets situate ourselves here...a major intersection in Tehran. The morning of Ashura with a few devoted erecting a big massive tent


Now praying besides this now holy tent is only a privilege for very few.


So we have a tent. Its ashura and we are missing one very important piece. Oh yes the white horse...


And the creepy looking guy holding a baby


To cap things off...its time to burn the tent down. But what could possibly go wrong?
:confused: 13920823145056992_PhotoL.jpg

People breaching the perimeter to jump in the burning tent. I kid you not what you are seeing is real. lol.



Jan 28, 2006
United States
Now this is getting real sophisticated. I can see this moving to the Azadi stadium complete with horses and sword fights. As soon as akhoonds smell that there is money to be made it'll be a go.


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Nov 6, 2004
It's theatrics. If you see it as more than that, you're looking too deep into it.

This is all circus and bread from the Mullahs. Keep people talking about an injustice that happened 1400 years ago, while perpetuating the same injustice today, and yet it goes right over their heads.

Anyway, while I don't agree with these theatrics, I don't think the mentality of mocking people for their beliefs/ lack of beliefs will get us ahead. Just the same type of extremism/ intolerance, different side. Mullahs do not care much for religion or any idealisms or any of these theatrics. They care for plundering wealth and fattening pocket and feeding the people opium (metaphorically and literally). Marx was right on this front: economics is biggest motivator of men.
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