Oct 1, 2004
Both worked for me, God bless the people who wrote the 2nd one. Stupid movie companies why the hell should I have to pay 10$ to see some shitty movie. If a movie is good enough I'll actually get it.


National Team Player
Oct 25, 2002
ROFLMAO! If the bastards in hollywood would price their commodity fairly, you wouldn't have this problem. If you could buy a DVD of a new movie for say $3.99, would you go through the effort and time of downloading it, then trying to encode and writing it to your own DVD? I don't know about you, but my time is more valuable than that, and the movie makers would still make a healthy profit, but they still insist on charging $15-20 for a DVD that probably cost them about $1.50 per DVD to produce including the royalties etc. The same with the music industry. They deserve what they get. :mad: