Maradona to coach Iran (Rumour)


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Sep 26, 2004
According to (who reference khabar varzesh) IFF is in talks with Maradonas management (today) regarding coaching the national team.

For your convenience I have reposted the article below.


Diego Maradona Linked With Iran Job - Report

Diego Maradona could be offered Iran national team job, according to reports.

By Salvatore Landolina

Nov 6, 2010 9:30:00 AM

Diego Maradona may be offered a chance of coaching the Iran national football team, according to Persian sports paper Khabar Varzeshi.

Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) president Ali Kaffashian is expected to hold talks with Maradona's entourage. The coach's agent is expected to visit Iran on Saturday when dialogue will be opened.

However, understands there is no official confirmation of the Maradona idea, though it has been confirmed the Argentinean wanted to visit the country before World Cup 2010.

Maradona is also said to have sent Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad his jersey.
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Dec 12, 2002
those anti-american attitude actually have made so many people act like an idiot, the guy is coming iran to see a piece of work .didn't he see it how many of people lost their lives because of that man .
obvoiusly they don't care ,as long as they can show their common hatred towrds america .
Aug 13, 2003
Bad idea! Why do you think Pele never went into coaching? Simply because he decided to become a millionaire instead? Why do you think Maradona coached argentina? Because he was broke and the federation gave him a mulit million dollar contract! Did argentina succeed? NO! Will Iran benefit from Maradona? NO! It takes time to make a good wine. Let the Iranian football mature on its own and in time. We now see that our league is making progress. That is a good sign. Once our domestic league becomes competitive in Asia then our youth players in the league will do the same. We need good coaches and players in the domestic league. As for the national team. Don't make bad descision AGAIN! Stick with fundementals. Let the iranian coaches learn advance football and have them become asistant coaches of European teams or advance coaches...The is no shortcut in football. IFF is killing me with bad descisions!