Leo Messi Foundation accused on tax
By Football Espana staff

Children's charity foundation The Leo Messi Foundation has been accused of hiding ‘tens of millions of Euros’ in tax by a report in a Spanish newspaper.

ABC claim the charity has ‘created a framework to hide millions of euros of income generated from sponsors that has not been declared’ which means that it’s spend on intended children’s social projects cannot be verified.

The report accuses the foundation of ‘masking a large part of its income’ and claims over €10m has not been declared to the Spanish and Argentine governments.

It is reported that income from Non-govermental Organisations (NGO’s) registered in both Barcelona and Rosario – Messi’s home city in Argentina – was not declared.

This follows Messi’s suspended 21-month prison sentence following a trial for tax evasion relating to his income in Spain.

He's the best there ever has been, but fuck man, no one should get paid that much money for anything!
Messi is without a doubt priceless but he is getting almost %50 of the club's squad budget. Barca couldn't even pay his bonus in a lump sum and spread it over 48 months. The most problem about Messi is that barca get 0% for his image right which is the most stupid thing ever .. we paid 35 for Beckham and we got 125 out of him in 4 years. Of course not the same players but you pay big to get big .

Let's see what they do for the rest of the window .
Feb 22, 2005
He is the best player of all time but did not progress much after Guardiola left. Would have loved to see him at Man city trained by Guardiola for the last couple of years of his Career.

He has become to bored and lazy playing for the same team all his life.
Now wait, CR is going to cry and want the same money. What he should know is, you can not get paid as much your father, EVER ...
CR is making more than messi currently and even with the new contract. Stick to your tennis which you enjoy the most. Hopefully your tennis knowledge is better than your football..lool

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