My Name is Ronaldo: I am the Biggest douchebag ALIVE

Has Ronaldo asked for anything in return for staying? why are they calling this a "blackmail"?!
Because is not his first time he's doing this . Because this is the most BS excuse in the World to leave .. I love the fact that Perez is not falling into this . He is our Hero we love him but if he is going to come up with this then he can go fuck himself .. I like the fact Marca is not using his Pic in the RM jersey

Facts: Cristiano is being investigated for tax fraud. It has ZERO to do with Real Madrid. Its his people who have put him in this situation. If anything the club in its official capacity put out supportive statements to keep him happy. Not just this time but others as well. We didn't have to do that but we did. If anything it makes the club look bad because its publically supporting someone who is being investigated for a crime instead of distancing ourselves from the situation. The club has treated him so differently that it caused resentment in others, recent remarks of Pepe who feels disrespected because we didn't treat him the same way. That's how much we've pampered this guy. Then he turns around and does this!!! And over what? A problem his people created.


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Sep 23, 2004
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From what i understand, Ronaldo is mad club didnt stand for him and thinks club should pay for his tax fraud, Perez showed him a bilakh (rightfully so) ...

FYI: Real Madrid never took a shit on Raul, but i dont argue ... say what you want :) mashallah roo ke nist, ye seri 9468736487263487623 team ro suport mikonan, rajebe hame chizam nazar daran ... eyvallah.
Modric also accused of perjury and could face up to 5 years and now Mourinho accused of tax fraud while in charge of RM. Shoma bashgah football darid ya markaz tolid mojrem?!!! lol
Thanks to Messi to open the can of worms . The Spanish tax authorities are hovering over footballers . We only hear the big names with big money.there are lots of them.

Search Gestifute for Ronaldo, Falcao and Mourinho's case

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Mar 20, 2016
Real Madrid has won trophies long ,long before this great player was born and going to do it after he's gone . A team is always bigger than players no matter what . Just take a look at Argentina , they are better team without M .
I intended to wish CR luck wherever he goes,but he doesn't need luck . He's CR , not.....
May 21, 2003
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all the bullshit aside, i would not mind having him even at 40 years old at man u.

the guy is a goal scoring machine.

not giving in to bullshit though is right, similar crap happened with beckham and sir alex and alex told him to fuck off. and rightfully so.

i know football in spain revolves around superstars (there have been millions of posts and replies here (most of them fucking garbage) about the importance of messi to barca and CR to RM, but football is much bigger than that.

much much bigger than messi, ronaldo etc.

i don't know what has really happened between him and RM aside from the stuff i read here. (hardly reliable shit) i am not even interested to read and research this because the level of bullshit in spanish football has always disgusted me ...

i remember suker fucked a princess and rm tried to fire him, over the years there have been many episodes like this and it has sewaged through to english football too with all man city and chelsea dramas (man united too).

fucking disgusting that we should have pages and pages of posts about someone's finances or personality in a football forum. fucking idiotic.


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Nov 24, 2002
So how his GF feels about it? Having a partner and have twins via a surrogate? I guess this happens when you are extremely rich!!


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Credit has to be given ... Hats off to him.


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has raised £600,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity after the 2013 Ballon d'Or he donated was sold at auction.
Ronaldo won the accolade for the second time in 2013 and has won it twice more since in 2014 and 2016, making him one of only two players – with Lionel Messi on five –to have won it more than three times.

The Cartier-supported event at the Dorchester Hotel in London was focused on the auctioning of artwork inspired by the wishes of children battling against life-threatening conditions and illnesses.

Tracey Emin, Dan Colen and Rob Pruitt were among the renowned artists to have work up for auction, with the Foundation collecting £2.7million, almost double their initial target of £1.5m.

Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or provided a large chunk of that £2.7m and marked the continuation of his support of the charity, to whom he has previously donated funds and teamed up with to grant the wishes of ill children all over the world.

"To receive a donation of this prestige is unprecedented," Batia Ofer, Patron for Make-A-Wish, said.
"Ronaldo's generosity is extraordinary and I am overwhelmed by the amount of money raised to help grant wishes for children fighting life-threatening conditions."