My take on fusion between persianway and ISP.

Nov 29, 2002
Its gonna be great for both parties! This is a fantastic news. A big hooray to all the people who are putting hard work into this merger!

1) I must say I've been worried about ISP for the past couple of months. The fact is that other iranian sports sites were getting much more technologically advanced and building up reputations for themselves where ISP has been the original and best when it comes to news reporting. But now they have the nous of persianway with its very strong credentials (first live video streaming, video clips, and other diversifications). This puts the ISP-PW back in front.

2) ISP's greatest strength IMHO has always been its community, despite some rocky times there is nothing like a good pre-match banter and korkori on ISP. A lot of people have left ISP who were previously amazing members and I think this greater ambition will bring them back.

3) Live streaming is a BIG thing, and looking at these prices I can see a lot of people will want to sign up to PW's offers. I hadn't heard about these but I can say that I for one will be very happy to watch a few games.

4) The new forums are GREAT! I prefer to have clips and things in separate forums so that they are filtered from other general discussion. I dont really mind about general sports being different from iranian sports though.

5) Good luck!


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Oct 16, 2002
Thank you for your kind words. As you all know I have been around since before the 1998 World Cup doing things with ISP (back then PGS and all its different motions) there are many people who are working very hard to bring you guys this site. We are very proud of what we have been able to do over the years. We have always been honest and truthful about everything and will continue to be in the future.

Any step we take as we move forward is calculated and done so that the community we have created does not change. We are first and foremost an online site dedicated to brining you the best and exclusive news. We try our best to do everything we can. We also try to bring you as much as we can in way of multimedia which is why we have a new partnership with

We thank everyone for being with us through the tough times. The past month has been very hectic for us as the site went down many times due to circumstances out of our control. We are moving to new servers and will be redundant and have more security. We hope that in the future we do not face the problems of the past!

Thank you everyone!
Oct 19, 2002
I just wanna encourage anyone who wants to join the ISP team to do so, it's definetly worth the time u spend on it... Take contact with the admins or someone and have a chat ;)
Sep 25, 2004
Yea let's not slam other sites and their prices :)D) guys

Doctor jan, really really big thanks to you for your support man. You're really positive and that's what we need, support
Aug 3, 2004
ISP rocks. I've been with them since 1999 and have enjoyed every moment of it. Very liberal, secular, honest and professional. Keep up the good work guys. I will join forces when I finish my school in a year or so. I'm knee deep busy at the moment.