NCAA Tournament Prediction League


Bench Warmer
Nov 10, 2003
lol, i know... i don't know, i just have a feeling that this Michigan team is going to beat North Carolina... and it's suck that we have to wait 5 more days for final four! they should've had final four during the week, and than the final on weekend!!!
Jan 29, 2004
Oh man I can't beleive how Arizona choked!!!!!!! I think the game was fixed otherwise how can you lose a game when you have an 8 point lead with a minute to play?!?!
Anyway I will PM the winner with my address and you can come and pick up your DVD anytime during regular office hours, please bring proper ID :D :D :p
Jan 29, 2004
A very close competition for the DVD :D
Payam-Ali and Farid have the same finalists but different winners!!!!!!!!!
Can't ask for a more exciting finish ;)
Illinois got vety lucky beating Arizona, I think they are destined to win this.
Oct 15, 2004
Chief said:
I'll give the winner a DVD of Iran-Bahrain and Iran-Japan.
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . .YA NORTH CAROLINA!!!
that was a good game, good job Farid, it came down to the wire.
I can't wait for my DVDs. . .lol
Jan 29, 2004
Congratulations to the winner the one and only


You have a choice. Choose 2 of these games for your DVD

Iran-N. Korea

If you are naughty I can include a little "one nite in paris" as a bonus ;)
Let me know which 2 games you want and if you are interested in the bonus and PM me an address where I can
send you your prize.

ps. Iran-Japan game is available in English, Spanish or Persian commentary :D


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Next time you guys are doing an NCAA tournament prediction let me know, I am a HUGE NCAA basketball fan
go Michigan St Spartans. What a shame, I really thought last season, Tom Izzon and the Spartans had as good of a chance as anyone
They finished first in the big 10, they came off a final four run from the year before, knocking out Zion Williamson and Duke. They had
good players but we will never know. They were 1st in Big 10 too so they had a good shot.
Farid you mentioned the two teams I can't stand the most lol Michigan(most overrated team in college basketball) and North Carolina
(at least they have a tradition). MSU on a side note thrououghly beat Michigan each game, should have played UNC in a tournament
but they lost so they worked Texas. I'm telling you, Izzo had a really good chance, they would have been a #1 seed and they had the depth.