Neda SHAHSAVARI, Rio de janiero....-here I come

Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
She's writing history for iranian women, the first iranian woman goes to Olympic games representing Iran in table tennis!
Nice work girl, keep up good work!

To hell with those jagoffs forcing the girl wearing that nasty attire!



Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Good for Neda, she is a pioneer for women's table tennis. I just would like to see our people make nice facilities for women so more women can have an opportunity. Sadly, she is just one person but most female athletes in Iran, fight an uphill battle. The facilities are not as nice as the mens, if you can call the mens facilities nice and there are not as many opportunities. Unfortunately, as you know our culture is misogynistic . I hope this ugly attitude changes with the next generation. With that being said, this is a nice accomplishment for Neda, qualifying for the Olympics. Those girls from other Asian countries have way more resources, facilities and good coaching.