Need for change?

Jun 18, 2005
Hi All

A while back the ISP community came together and chose a few members to moderate this site to make sure it was well kept. However, given how things stand today I think there is need for a new crew or ideas. Or at least a medium where we can express our feedback.

Just the fact that many of us are being insulted by a select few who are being enabled by a certain moderator is enough for me. To top that off this moderator is asking people who disagree with him to leave the site while ignoring the insults expressed by the same offender.

The ISP community is a collection of many educated and successful individuals from a variety of backgrounds who come to one place and discuss their favorite topics. When I joined this site in 2005 I happened to be an undergraduate student but today I am a Dr. I am sure many of you share the same story.

For me it was fun coming here and reading your comments or stating how I felt but as of late this place has been nothing but constant drama, fighting, and to simply put it: NOT FUN. Yes, we all get passionate or even emotional discussing certain subjects but when we involve family members or belittling members in every thread then the forum loses its purpose.

I like to thank Pooya and the other admin for making it possible to discuss and learn from many of you through all these years. I know we all have busy schedules and posting here is something that we did on the side, but even that has become very difficult lately given what is happening. Thank you everyone for the great times and fun moments. I will try my best to post or troll around as our moderator puts it when my schedule allows.


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Oct 18, 2002
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I also think it is a good time for change. I like the idea of moderators getting involved with discussions and acting like other members on the site. What I don't understand is when moderators rant about free, ground-breaking forum and so on, followed by a "fuck you" and locking of a thread. It just doesn't seem to be consistent. Hey, be a member/moderator, state your opinion, but don't accuse members of something and then lock the thread for them so that they cannot defend themselves. If you do, then don't boast about free medium for members to express themselves. You are not setting a good example here.
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Feb 5, 2014
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I get what you guys are saying but speaking from experience being a mod is not an easy job guys. You need to at least spend the time and read every post that is the first part. Then you are the bad guy for editing posts which break the rules ie swearing and things like that. No matter what you do, you are labeled by some koo koo's that you are a government agent(that one cracks me up the most especially since I never lived in Iran) and so forth and so on.
With that said I think it's a great idea Tajrish brought up about mods discussing the topics like regular members and on two things
1-I like it because you get more insight the more people debating in a respectable manner the better.
If I closed down a thread, I always would pm the poster out of respect and tell him or her the reason why it got deleted. At least that way you will have an opportunity to defend myself. To be fair when I had a question or problem with the site they helped resolve my issues and mods get in the discussion from time to time.
2-Going on theme one more opinions brings more insight and diversity to the topics.
That is all I have. Overall though I understand the thankless job and I feel your pain so I can relate on that part.