New Satellite Images from Esfahan site


Bench Warmer
Feb 6, 2005

New Satellite Images Show Tunnel Construction at Esfahan Facility in Iran

February 17, 2005

Institute for Science and International Security

Image Date: February 12, 2005Click on Each Picture to View Larger Image in a New Window Just north of the Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) at Esfahan, Iran is constructing a tunnel facility. The tunnel is fairly long, and has two entrances, separated by less than half a kilometer. Construction on the tunnel began in September or October 2004, and Iran is working very hard to finish the project.

Iran declared to the IAEA in the fall of 2004 that the tunnel facility is for storage and other activities that are part of the UCF. It appears too big to be only for storage. It might be intended to house production facilities for some uranium conversion processes. It does not appear large enough to be a complete duplicate of the UCF. Iran already has about 500 tonnes of uranium concentrate, a few tens of tonnes of uranium tetrafluoride (UF4), and a couple of tonnes of uranium hexafluoride (UF6).

The IAEA has said that Iran should have declared the facility to the IAEA prior to the start of construction. The IAEA visited the site in November 2004, at which time there was no equipment in the tunnel. The IAEA will continue to visit the facility.


Bench Warmer
Feb 6, 2005
Ali(ISP) said:
and?... lol
And?! What do you mean by that? Ali I do not know what you expected, but as the title says it’s about “New Satellite Images” from the site near Esfehan and that’s what was posted.

From the information on the same site, these tunnels may be subject of new inspection by IAEA.

If you are looking for something juicier, I have nothing else to add to it, however you may want to entertain your mind with this: recall that in a recent interview, Hassan Rohani had said that if attacked IR would move its nuclear stuff underground (“zire koh”). Now as how related these tunnels are to the plans that Rohani was referring to (if it was not just rhetoric), is yet to be seen.


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Oct 16, 2002
Southampton, UK
it doesnt seem anything new to me!

iran has already reported the tunnels before! IAEA knows about it! now if the tunnels look bigger than what they should be then they can go and check again!

its not like its a map of a new nuclear facility or anything!