nikbakht and majidi to miss bahrain game


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Oct 16, 2002
Southampton, UK
seems like they will both miss bahrain game.

vahedi is fit again, but he doesnt feel 100%, so he has asked coaches not to play.

majidi is going to talk to branko tomorrow, but hes saying he is injured.

عليرضا نيكبخت واحدي و فرهاد مجيدي دو بازيكن تيم فوتبال الوصل به ديدار ايران مقابل بحرين نمي‌رسند.
به گزارش گروه فوتبال خبرگزاري ورزش ايران (ايپنا) الوصل فرداشب در چارچوب رقابت‌هاي ليگ امارات با الوحده بازي دارد.
عليرضا نيكبخت واحدي در تماسي كه با مربيان تيم‌ملي داشته، به وي اعلام كرده كه آسيب‌ديدگي‌اش بهبود يافته ولي براي آن كه از لحاظ آمادگي در وضعيت مطلوبي بسر نمي‌برد، از حضور در تيم‌ملي عذرخواهي كرده است.
فرهاد مجيدي نيز اعلام كرده كه بايد فرداشب با برانكو صحبت كند و آخرين وضعيتش را اطلاع دهد و هرچند او هم به دليل مصدوميت اعلام كرده كه براي بازي با بحرين به اين كشور سفر نخواهد كرد.
Oct 20, 2003
I read (source ISNA) that Golmohammadi and Badavi became injured in the game with Bosnia. Hope that they recover before the game with Bahrain. Branco has said that Mirzapour will be fine to play which is good news.


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Oct 18, 2002
San Diego, CA
Badavi's injury is not serious. Sounds like Golmo will be alright too.
Majidi would not have been picked anyway IMO. Niki's absence is the most
serious as he has become such a key player for us. Without him, our left side
kind of falls apart.


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Oct 18, 2002
badavi is useless anyway...but still our left flank will be severely weakened without both badavi and nikbakht. Hopefully Zandi will play.
Oct 20, 2003
Hopefully Zandi can fill Nikbakht's position.
It is interesting that Branco has expressed concern about Badavi's injury in his recent interview with ISNA. I hope Golmohammadi and Badavi both will be available for the game.
Oct 20, 2003
PaYaM, being confident is good, overconfidence on the other hand is bad.
We were overconfident last time we played Bahrain in Manama which cost us 2002 WC.


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Jul 9, 2004
Zandi won't be filling in for nikbakht, hashemian will. Zandi most probably will start next to nekoonam, or even as a left back, but one thing for sure : our 3-1 in the 4-2-3-1 will be manned by kia, karimi, hashemian, and daei.