North Korea, strategically wrong decision.


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Oct 18, 2010
fat guys just bond more easily.
trump has already given up too much to kim.
and he mentioned he wants a 'real deal' with iran
in his news conference.
maybe iran should try their luck with the fat guy since
he seems just to enjoy the pr and will give the other side
anything as long as he gets a chance to sign some thing
in front of the cameras.what a bust!
but iran should elect a fat president first.that will help,believe me.
Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
One, Two, Three....four.... Rockaway to Koryo.
I have made my pilgrimage trip to Pyongyang, yes that's done, went down all the way to NK and visited spectacular Kim II Sung Square. I am officially hAji North Korean now.
That fat fuck "Kung-Fu Panda" is for real, haha, I strongly believed it was made up all these years.

Off from Chicago to Dublin, therefrom to Beijing via Doha and from Beijing to Pyongyang, the last 5 hours journey by the great Air Koryo operating a "Tupolev TU-204-100" strong rUsky plane and wow, what a service on a socialist airliner, I tell you like this.... that communist airliner has a touchy class.

All those hAji NKs, man they never stair or going for a longer steady eye contact, no one stares at you, they do their best to avoid looking at you, considering not many foreigners visit their country.
Bloody hey, reminded me of "Der Process, Franz Kafka", hAji Koreans sauntering about like they're in heaven, empty eyes, shiftless as if they were guilty of something dose not matter what.... you're fuckin guilty of what so ever they tell you, you dont know what, poor bastards..., what a life.
Had to leave our cell phones before entering NK, left'm back in our hotel safety in Beijing (collected by tour managers).
I had my ultra thin camera and when I was in Beijing I bought a cheap Chinese cellphone & sim card (stored ONLY the number of my folks on it) in case of... HAHA.