(OLD THRED FROM 2014) - CL Semi-Finals [R]

Feb 22, 2005
What a game. If you have watched Athletico games all season, you would see a very solid team in defense, midfield and offense. I never thought Chelsea would be able to beat them. They did not even get a chance to use Diego nor Villa.

Great team that is humble and not snubby.

Koke is set to become the best midfielder in the world. Turan is just superb. on and on.

Will be an amazing final.

Fantastic coach. You can see from their goals, especially 2 of them today how they go long on their passes to places defense dont expect. Argentinian style. Same way they scored on Barcelona.


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Oct 12, 2011
the two glory hunters licking each other as usual:D

LOOOL man united 20 points behind the leaders LIVERPOOL FC

Chelsea trophy less season

Feb 22, 2005
In Da Money, Whaaaa happend? Damn referees, corrupt UEFA, lucky spanish teams, what chance does the great English teams that are the best can possibly have? Cheaters, lucky, useless Spanish players. Chelsea is the best, it is all the people who have been brainwashed and cant see it.

Agha Shojaa

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Nov 8, 2002
LOL-from BBC:

Adam Toth: Jose should have parked the bus. That's the only thing he knows how to do. Trying to actually play football and attack does not work for him.
Mar 13, 2007
AM was a crap of a team to be honest and not worthy of this stage of CL. But they luck out like crazy and make it this far. Chelsea had them right there and decide to give them 3 of the most ridiculous goals you ever see. They have never over the past 10 years given this many easy goals. AM had nothing to say at home and hardly anything here and there you are.

But we all know one thing, even the donkeys, AM will be done after this year. We will never hear of them at this stage again and it will be the last final appearance for them for the next 40 years! on the other hand chelsea will be there only better and stronger and i expect them to do better.

English FA should also learn something from these cheats on how to accomodate their clubs in euro compeition.