Patrick Vieira V Neville and Keane


Tottenham till I die
Oct 16, 2002
Southampton, UK
for those who dont know, neville played a rough game in old trafford against arsenal. so this is the return match in london, and vieira goes to neville, put his head to his and asks him so you gonna kick us here too?

so roy keane see this and gets pissed off, and tells vieira to pick someone his own size, as viera is 6'4 and neville is something like 5'10?

it was funny while watching it on tv, but i didnt know about the hand shakes! lol no one shook his hand apart from neville who tried to squeeze as hard as he could lol.


IPL Player
Nov 4, 2002
I saw the game on the telli... didn't notice any of this, they broadcasted when
G. Poll or whatever his name is, was talking with the players in the tunnel...
The shaking hand thingy, missed that as well...

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To bad for Swedish media this didn't happen in Serie A...
Then they could fallow up their Grade A coverage articles with another one! ;)