Persian Parade in NYC - Norouz 1384


Bench Warmer
Jan 6, 2005
Ba dorood:

The 2nd Persian Parade Day, in commemoration of the Nowruz or Persian New Year holiday season, will be held in New York City on Sunday, March 20, 2005.

The Parade route will begin on Madison Avenue and 41st Street and proceed south to 27th Street.

Please pass this information on to other compatriots who wish to help by donation or/and participate in this grand idea.

NYC is an international city and many ethnics have similar parades, isn’t time for one of the oldest civilization to have one?

Please note that it is Iran we are speaking about and it is purely NATIONALISTIC.

Iranian flag of Sheer o Khorshid will be in the parade as it is not representative of any political group but Iranian population and nationality.

Hope you can join us this year and through your participation, Iranian can introduce themselves BETTER!