Problem with Iranian football is "half democracy"!

saeed agha

IPL Player
Oct 20, 2002
A wise Iranian person said to me once that the probelm in iran is that the systme is "half democracy" . It is not dictatorship so one person makes all the decisions,and it is not full democracy so everyone has a say and the decision is based on majority's opinion. Having "half democracy" means that whenever someone comes with an idea there would be 1000 people who would oppose him, thus he can't do the job, no one else would do it, and the issue circulates and nothing is done at the end.

Now when I take that example and apply it to our football, it is exactly what the issue is. There are many ideas, talks..etc but nothing gets done.

The issue of TM's coach is the newest example. Many sides interfering (i.e. majles, tarbiyat badani, IFF, the president.. you name it). So please get off of IFF's back because apparently they are the least important factor is making that decision!