Ranieri is back . lol

Feb 18, 2005
بچه بودم نفهم بودم جیم بودم ز‌مکتب
انگاری لولو خورخورست قلم و مرکب
Ever since I was a kid at school …….I messed around with all the rules :unsure:

Apologised then realised …….I am not different after all .:sneaky:

Me and the boys thought we had it sussed …….Valentinos all of us :cool:…...my dad said we looked ridiculous !:geek:….but boy we had some fun ;)

In and out of jobs :rolleyes:….running free ....waging war with society :oops:...some of those faces stare back at me ...nothings ever changed !

I was only joking my dear !:cool:
Really, this guy should have retired when he won the league with Leicester. At his age, there is no way he could have topped that.
.Really? why ? He is old but not a senile. why would he be retired at the age of 67 when there are idiots who pay 2-3 million for 2-3 months of his worthless service?