Rezvani Tank revealed with 500 horsepower

Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
Ferris "Fardis" Rezvani Automotive Designs -California-based automotive design and manufacturing company
Rezvani Tank is not a suv like other suvs. The staff will barricade themselves and the kids will be terrified at the kindergarten when mom's arrive in this evil vehicle early morning.

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Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
So @Iran-Esteghlal-Inter @Arash_Tombangir Is the guy Irooni and where do they manunfacture. BTW Notice on the reverse engine Lambo- what media entity covered it, RT Russian Television. No US or foreign media outlets so once again Russian media can spread the word on Iranian accomplishments in the auto industry. We have tons of smart Iroonis many like me who have a background in mechanical engineering and have been educated in the west. If ever there is a day where Iran becomes a true open market economy, with low tariffs on NX or net export(export- import taxes) there is a lot of potential in Iran my frined, i can see it. However komrade we need the right environment and that comes in 3 sectors
1- Social-People need to demand some change
2- Economic-Business friendly tarrifs and the 3rd will be the hardest
3-Political- it needs to have the right political environment, which we currently don't have but the potential is there. I am a good evaluator of talent and I see tons of highly educated and skilled Iroonis overseas abroad. If we can get them to even just be consultants, we are on our way.