Rip Siamand Rahman 😞


Bench Warmer
Mar 26, 2006
روحت شاد
وداع ناگهانی با قویترین مرد جهان؛
سیامند رحمان 2 قهرمانی در مسابقات پارالمپیک، 5 قهرمانی جهان و 3 قهرمانی بازی های پاراآسیایی را در کارنامه ورزشی خود داشت همچنین با رکورد 310 کیلوگرم رکورد دار پاراوزنه برداری جهان بود


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
I saw some of his highlights very impressive. I am an avid weightlifter and very strong, I do my warm up reps, 10 sets at 225 but check this out,
Maybe the best bench press of all time considering he has to lay completely flat being tied to the bench press with no arch.or leg drive to help him.
Most impressive bench press I have ever seen, all things considered.I can bench 315 lbs as my MAX which is very good for someone who is 170 but HE benched 300 KG that is 672 POUNDS! To put that in perspective, he can bench over TWICE THE WEIGH I can and I am considered a strong guy.