Saudis and their foreign policy.


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Oct 18, 2010
lol @ canada!!! i am no friend of the saudis but you must give them
credit for standing up against a bunch of serves canada
just right.
canada uses "human rights" as a political tool.if canada was ever concerned
about human rights they would first of all not sell all those weapons to the
saudis(their #1 weapons customer after the usa).second they would stop
it as soon as they started using them in yemen.thirdly they would make a
little noise about the semitic cousins of the saudis in the apartheid regime
and their genocidal policies towards the native population.
so yeah,canada got exactly what it deserved and are now running to mommy
asking for help.what a bust!

Canada to ask allies to help cool Saudi dispute; U.S. offers no aid

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada plans to seek help from the United Arab Emirates and Britain to defuse an escalating dispute with Saudi Arabia, sources said on Tuesday, but close ally the United States made clear it would not get involved.

The Saudi government on Sunday recalled its ambassador to Ottawa, barred Canada's envoy from returning and placed a ban on new trade, denouncing Canada for urging the release of jailed rights activists. Riyadh accused Ottawa on Tuesday of interfering in its internal affairs.
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