Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga & rest of the world 2017/18 ( News , Result , Goals & Videos)


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
His first goal was certainly offside
I cannot BELIEVE that they did not review the video on that one, I mean if THAT was not offside then a gang load of players should have scored more goals, throughout their career. The ref screwed the pooch on that play but the 2nd goal was just simply class, through the GK's legs like Azmoun's goal v Uzbekistan. There was no disputing the 2nd goal and WB had their chances, despite playing not to lose. Caveat, Real Madrid jan and everyone, I opened up a 2017-18 Bundesliga thread so that this doesn't become a cluster, we can discuss all Bundesliga related games there. This thread would get too big if we put all the other leagues in one and we have enough Bundesliga fans here so I figured it would be ok,
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May 30, 2005
AC Milan 2 - Icardi 3

Icardi has 3 efforts toward goal and all 3 are goals. Not many better finnishers in the world, if any at all.
Nov 10, 2002
La La La La ... Inter Rules .... Icardi Rules ... Perisic Rules ... Candreva Rules ...

Good performance by Milan ... They are definitely a good team on the rise ... My only concern was losing a lot of possession but overall Inter has won every game except one in 8 games. As a fan, I can't expect more ...

Napoli Next .... Looking forward to next game