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Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
What a comeback today vs Hoffenheim. Bayern Munchen were down 2-0 and they won 5-2. Ironically, Sadro Wagner, scored the 5th goal. I am happy the former Hoffenheim boy, got to score vs his old squad. Oh and we should be getting our German Wall back, projected date March 1st. We should handle Bestikas just keep Ulricht in for those games. Then let Neuer come back 100% healthy don't RUSH it. this is the same team that were 5 points down in the Bundesliga table under Carlo Ancelotti. In comes Jupp and BAM up by 16 points, as it stands a 21 point switch or 3 touchdowns. I am glad they gave Jupp a one year extension, he deserves it! Then we can look for another good coach later. It was looking really bad we were down in the CL after losing to PSG, we were 5 points down in the Bundesliga nad we got word that Neuer was going to be out for a while, it was NOT looking good. Now we are up by 21 points and playing Bestikas(poor guys they have to get their cherry popped might as well be by us). Today was a good day, MIA SAN MIA!


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
And the Jupp man does it again Bayern Munchen 2-0 Mainz, just came back from Las Vegas Bayern Munchen fan club at Crown Bar, early bird 6:30 AM game. Goals Ribery and Rodriguez.
and a one and a two, cue the fight song, I love this song lyrics below!

Welche Münchener Fussballmannschaft kennt man auf der ganzen Welt ?
Wie heißt dieser Club, der hierzulande die Rekorde hält?
Wer hat schon gewonnen, was es jemals zu gewinnen gab ?
Wer bringt seit Jahrzehnten unsere Bundesliga voll auf Trab ?

FC Bayern - Stern des Südens, du wirst niemals untergeh ´n,
weil wir in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten zueinander steh`n!
FC Bayern - Deutscher Meister, ja so heißt er mein Verein,
ja so war es und so ist es und so wird es immer sein!!!!!!!

Wo wird lauschend angegriffen, wo wird täglich spioniert
Wo ist Presse, wo ist Rummel, wo wird immer diskutiert?
Wer spielt in jedem Stadion vor ausverkauftem Haus?
Wer hält den großen Druck der Gegner stehts aufs neue aus?

FC Bayern - Stern des Südens...
Ob Bundesliga, im Pokal oder Champions League ja gibt es denn
was schöneres als einen Bayern-Sieg?
Hier ist Leben, hier ist Liebe, hier ist Freude und auch Leid,
Bayern München! Deutschlands bester! bis in alle Ewigkeit!!!
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Jun 3, 2006
"We dedicate the win to him. He is on our minds on this day. I cried many times. He was a fantastic player. It was very difficult during the match because we had to think of the game and the outcome and it's not easy. But he's always in our heart." Chiellini said after Spurs game.
“I rarely publicly express my thoughts on a person, because I always allowed the beauty and unique nature of relationships, of reciprocal respect and affection, to avoid being used or misused by those who don’t have the decency to respect certain bonds.
“In your case, I feel the need to make an exception to the rule, because you have a young wife and family who are suffering, but above all a little girl, who deserves to know that her father was in every way A GOOD PERSON… a TRULY GOOD PERSON…
“You were the best expression of an old-fashioned world, one that people have left behind, with values like altruism, elegance, politeness and respect towards others.
“Compliments genuinely, you were one of the best sporting figures I ever came up against.
“Your crazy Gigi.”

Radja Nainggolan, Astori's former Cagliari teammate wrote on Instagram: “A great player, but even more than that, a great person. How many battles we were in together at Cagliari, then found each other again at Roma I still can't believe it. My thoughts are with his family and those close to him. RIP.”
Nov 10, 2002
Haha .. this is happens when you watch a soccer game and under timeline at work. Still 0-0 minute 60, somehow the goal wasn't accepted in first half. What a bummer.


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Jan 1, 1970
4 Points now.

Napoli need to win in Turin which is almost impossible but still and then hope for Roma and Inter to be good for anything for once.