Stereotype reaches a whole new level - video, exampling pure snobbery in Britain

i think she is afraid of mentioning race so she hangs on the names?! but she is not totally wrong
I think that's the important point. I suppose if I had a child who would hang out with a "Chardonnay", I'd feel a little nervous but on the other hand, that Chardonnay may be the nicest kid you'd ever meet. We do judge people by their names but I just loved her argument. It was outrageous but great telly nonetheless!
Oct 18, 2002
Here in USA the black americans use a lot of Persian (and also weird/uncommon) names especially for the girls but most of those names are very nice. Like I knew a black girl named Shirin, they have names like Latifeh or Jamal (for boys) etc, but you can tell right away that they are black. And of course the Spanish or Mexican names are too obvious. like I said I agree with her bcs you can tell a lot about a person from their names. (like billybob lol ) ;-)