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It's one symbol in the financial sector. For long-term growth, no more than 1 or 2% of one's portfolio should be assigned to a single stock at anytime (and even that's a stretch).

RKT is probably a good bet for long-term growth. As Zob Ahan said, the future looks quite inflationary for US mortgages. It's still searching for a price and very much hyped up though, so it should lose some momentum soon. Once it stabilizes, it's probably a hold.

Zob Ahan

Feb 4, 2005
The timing of their IPO couldn't have been better as they will continue to have record breaking quarters for at lease mid 2021. I sold half of the stocks I bought yesterday and I will probably be kicking myself for it later. When I make 30% in one day I just sell even if it's half of it. If it sells off next week I will buy more. Penny Mac (PM) is another good one. The cherry on the top is it has an 8% dividend.
I don't know if anyone has been following the Kodak story, but it's hilarious!

Somehow through some mafia-like shenanigans they managed to get the US government to promise them $760 million. This sent the stock through the roof (insane returns). Now the money has been blocked and the stock is taking a massive beating.

This is a good example of why buying single stocks is never an investment, but purely a gamble. Never jump on a hyped up stock thinking you're 'investing'. You're gambling.

If you want to invest, buy the economy (or sectors you believe in) in the form of inclusive ETFs.
نماینده مجلس ایران: یک و نیم تریلیون تومان سرمایه مردم در بورس از دست رفت
That member of parliament is an idiot alongside those who think Tehran Stock Exchange is a place to invest money and profit.

One should not feel sorry for anyone putting their money in TSE. An economy with 40-100% inflation (based on different figures spat out by the Iranian regime) cannot have a sustainable stock exchange. It's impossible to assess the value of a company's assets, its earnings and future revenue when the currency it conducts business in (Rial) is being devalued non-linearly on a daily basis. Zimbabwe tried it, Venezuela tried it, Argentina tried it, Hungary tried it, Yugoslavia tried it. They all failed.
It's been a scarily good August for the market. We're back to record highs and Nasdaq has basically exploded. I'm starting to feel a bit uneasy about it.

All major central banks around the world are promising a spectacular period of money-printing and inflationary policies. Asset bubbles are about to form in every category. Just don't hold high amounts of cash. You'll lose.
A serious correction is inevitable in the coming weeks. Bank stocks are indeed less inflated than others. A bad idea would be to enter the tech sector at these bubbled up prices.

At this point energy stocks are so undervalued I want to gamble on them heavily, but I already lost quite a bit thinking the same was true in March :(


IPL Player
Oct 18, 2010
the reality can not be ignored for too long by the markets.
massive spending is needed.
china is not gonna help which is why the 'milking cows' in the
southern part of the persian gulf are getting milked again by
'opening' to the apartheid regime.

US debt will overtake GDP next year for the first time since 1946, CBO says

Washington (CNN)The US debt is projected to exceed the size of the entire country's economy next year, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.
It will be the first time the federal debt could be bigger than the US gross domestic product since 1946, just after World War II.
XLE and VDE (big energy ETFs) are looking more and more attractive to me. The world is just as reliant on oil and gas as it was 10 years ago and these etfs are trading at half price while everything else has gone up. This can't continue.

3 things are possible:

1. Oil and gas go up
2. Everything else drops
3. The world suddenly stops relying on oil and gas and moves onto other types of technology very quickly

Out of the 3 possibilities above, it will probably be something between 1 and 2. Oil and gas rise while the market goes sideways for a while.


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Oct 18, 2010
my portfolio return for the past 5 years is beating all the indices
in all the time periods as of last friday.the first column is for the
past 3 months.
the market is decoupled from the economy and politics in recent
years.this may continue for a long time as long as china and eu
are not willing to confront the usa.