Suggestion for ISP and other Iranian football sites


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Oct 18, 2002
no's a suggestion on the table to help iranian football.
i was under the assumption that people who visit isp(iranian sports press)
actually care about iranian football.maybe i am wrong.
and don't worry about the sanctions part if funds are raised i can
help in transferring it to fifa and pay the fine.
Dude, if you really wanna help Iranian football, you have to let Fifa suspend it all together. If you raise funds for it, the sports ministry will have found a long term solution to all their problems (read incompetence).
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Sep 26, 2004
If Wilmots was a just person, he should pay ME (and all the other iranians) for having to sit through tm games and suffer the embarrassment he caused.

Let the federation be suspended. If we are lucky a few dallals will lose their jobs.

According to Carlos the same federation tried to undermine and ruin preparations for the world cup, which is a story we have heard repeatedly from coaches for decades. Everyone remember the embarrassment that was the Asia Cup, where a group of supposed professional footballers stopped playing in the middle of the game so that Japan could score and eliminate us. Now they've hired another Branko to bless us with crappy eastern european "coaching." It should be clear by now that the federation does not want tm to actually accomplish anything, but just show up and lose respectfully to pacify the people, so they will say "heyf chance nadashteem."

It's the same crap every tournament more or less. And at the end of the day our beards are turning white and all we have to show for it is a mixture of heartbreak and embarrassment.
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