Super fight: GGG aka Golovkin v cocky Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Santos Saul Alverez Barragin said six words to my boyGennady Gennadyevich Golovkin[FONT=&amp]: Colovkin, you are next, my friend! The money line is almost even, odd sharks has it at Cennady Golvokin -165 Alvarez +135. My take on my Slava komrade Daniel Jacobs is better than what we thought but this is Russian power, MR. La Raza is going up. Before someone says, "He is form Kazakhstan," You realize that was apart of the ZSSR/CCCP right? "Canello" is a good fighter but GGG is a once in a decade fighter, in the middle weight ranks. From Wikki [FONT=&amp]As of May 2017, he is ranked as the world's best middleweight by [/FONT]BoxRec[FONT=&amp] and the [/FONT]Transnational Boxing Rankings Board[FONT=&amp], and second best by [/FONT]The Ring. He is also ranked as the world's third best boxer, pound for pound, by The Ring

GGG is 5'10 39-0 with 34 TKO. Canello is 49-1-1.
I am not a betting man in boxing because anything can happen but last fight Alverez was 5:1 odds so I would not get too cocky. I would bet a couple hundred on GGG, just to make the fight more interesting. I cannot WAIT for this fight and this is one I will order. I say that there will not be a knockout but GGG wins in a decision. Both are Orthodox fighters, keep in mind this will be GGG's first fight in Las Vegas so he will be excited. Most boxing matches these days are boring but THIS is going to be one HELL of a FIGHT!