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Feb 20, 2018
Hello everyone, my name is Art Eftekhari and I am the host of Team Melli Talk. I started this podcast in March 2016 and it has been a lot of fun writing and blogging about Team Melli and Iranian Football. The podcast is available on iTunes and you can access my website at Recently I started making episodes of Team Melli Talk for YouTube and I would really appreciate it if you all listen to my podcasts and watch my video episodes:
If anyone is interested in contributing any material please feel free and contact me on social media: @teammellitalk
Looking forward to chatting with all of you Team Melli fans and always looking forward to getting fan input as well.

Art Eftekhari
Feb 4, 2005
There is a story about Arash NoAmooz when his dad, timsar NoAmooz, was head of the IFF. Pas was playing pp and Arash tackled Mojtaba Moharrami so hard that he fell down. Tough guy Moharrami stands up and turns to say something nasty and he finds out Arash did the foul and quietly says ‘be babatoon salam beresoonid’
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