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Mar 27, 2005
what a huge miss was that 4th goal by Dembele in the first game. two players (Cotiniho and Demble) costing over 300 mil and can't even score a simple goal.. what a waste..
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Oct 12, 2011
After the first leg all said was Liverpool out played Barca in the second half and we had a good chance in the second leg and I was attacked by 4 or 5 users including Pooya saying Barca were unbeatable and Messi was a god.

LoL @ Messi + Barca
I hope you all now understand why I want this piece of shit Valverde out of this club. He's a coward. A complete failure. I never liked his team. Even when he beat Liverpool 3-0 I felt completely repulsed by his cowardly approach and the complacency he allows to run rampant in his team. How I miss Pep Guardiola. Man...

Congratulations to Liverpool who totally deserved this win.