The 2020-21UEFA Champions League thread, Results, News & updates


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Feb 5, 2014
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Did any team get screwed over more with the aggregate rule than Bayern(see Athletico Madrid, Real Madridx2 and now PSG) 4 by my count)? Worst rule in football one goal should count as that, one goal should not matter, if you score home or away. Anyways proud of the team they fought hard MIA SAN MIA lads. Bayern played well they just ran out of gas and could not do much without #9.Ya Tarmei is the best Iranian player. Congrats to PSG fans.
Jan 26, 2006
I remember hating him for choking and not scoring in the WC against Portugal .
I never understood this - even now I don't get it.... It wasn't a simple chance as he was running on a ball moving at pace, it was at the end of the game, goalie could easily have got it based on the angle, and more than anything he had fought hard enough in that game including to get in position for that shot in the first place.

In Saransk I was pretty saddened by the language used by some of the fans in the stadium

The only time I was angry with him (on the pitch at least) was his stupid card which ruled him out of the Japan game.


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Oct 18, 2002
What an incredible goal by Taremi! Probably the best one by an Iranian in the champion's league!

The fact that he did not start the game, I guess he has himself to blame for that! He should not throw away his talent by his totally unprofessional behavior from time to time, like the one against Juventus!

Even tonight he got himself an unnecessary yellow card in the end.

Anyways, too bad he's 28 years old. Azmoun should get himself out of Russia ASAP or else it will be late for him to reach top places too.
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Jan 26, 2006
Can someone make a combo of iranian players scoring against chelsea? Can include the three champions league goals and jahanbakhsh's one. I can't think of any others...? All four goals
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