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Use Google before asking stupid questions” snarls Mou
Chelsea manager José Mourinho retorted sarcastically to a journalist for daring to quiz him about the team’s poor run of results in the Premier League. The Blues are hovering just above the relegation zone on four points from the opening five games. When asked about the team’s form, Mourinho sneered: “Maybe you should consult Google before asking stupid questions”.

Mourinho was not in the best of moods as he faced the media this afternoon to look ahead to tomorrow’s Champions League meeting with Maccabi Tel-Aviv. “It’s sad that people are looking for problems in the team when there aren’t any”, he said.


Bench Warmer
May 30, 2005
The two lovers finally coming out of the closet before their upcoming match



Ball Boy
Oct 22, 2016
Comparing Klopp who can bring the best out of his players and Mourinho who does the opposite. I think the next club should mandate him take some classes in handling people and human relations before offering a job.