TM Iran Information Thread


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Nov 24, 2002
Konne Laghe Azmoun, if he doesn't join TM for AC, i don't want this guy anywhere close to TM despite his huge talent and being a fan of him. People scarify a lot to play a couple games for TM, onvaght in bache naneh Taghcheh bala mizare! If you can't handle the damn pressure of being a celebrity for whatever reason, despite tons of money you make, you better change the sport. Boro to hamoun tavilheh ba Seriket bekhaab roozo shab.

It is an honor to wear TM jersey.


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Mar 27, 2005
perfect example of the new generation. yek mosht bache nane sosool. be darde laye jerse divar ham nemikhoran. ina hamon mayeli kohan ehtiaj daran ke biad kharo madareshono yeki koneh ke dige in joori ada bazi dar nayaran. i hope he is not invited again to TM.


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Oct 22, 2016
THink he decided to preserve himself for club football. Reality of football and injuries can be aconcern; Extreme severe case but look at Padovani SS player still being wheelchaired after 8 months.

^^He's become a clown rather than a professional football player.



National Team Player
Jan 26, 2004
He will be back but i have lost all respect i had not for him but for his talent.
He could easily become a legendary forward in Iranian football.

Prior to the 2014 WC I was following Azmoun on Instagram which he was extremely active on during the camp that led to he final selection of the 23 players in which he was not selected. Even at that time he was a big deal but failed for whatever reason and I actually think this high level of activity had something to do with it cause me as an observer felt like the was on there way too much during this final training camp. After not being selected he made a post and got off for the foreseeable future. I even spoke him a few times in comments which he even replied back and I saying something in the lines of "we love you as fans and you are very young and are a soldier of Iran and be professional blah blah" very respectfully which he replied and appreciated. Once he was off Instagram then he was taken to AFC Asian Cup 2015 and we know the rest. He did come back a few years ago again and has close to 3 million following. Back at it again and not able to handle the social media. I think as a professional there is an issue with him and this public image and social media which he can not handle fully even though he is so active on there. Its an honor to play for Iran and I too have lost respect for him that does not want to help the Iranian team and be there with his teammates. Its shameful actually that he is such Bache Naneh crying and citing issues like this. When is the last time we had a player cry like this guy?


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Oct 22, 2016
مهدي تاج «دفاع من از كي‌روش، دفاع مقدس است.»
وبه نقل از وزير ارتباطات گفته بود: «پس از پايان بازي ايران و مراكش درصد نشاط اجتماعي به وجود آمده از آزادسازي خرمشهر و صعود ايران به جام‌جهاني 98 فرانسه هم بيشتر بود.» مطابق انتظار، اين نقل قول بازتاب‌هاي منفي بسيار زيادي داشت و نهايتا از سوي آذري جهرمي تكذيب شد.

خود آقاي تاج بهتر از هر كس ديگري مي‌داند كه بازي ايران و مراكش با آن گل بادآورده جايي بين درام‌هاي برجسته فوتبال ايران ندارد و از نظر توليد نشاط اجتماعي، به گرد پاي مسابقه ايران و استراليا يا حتي ايران و آمريكا هم نمي‌رسد، اما باز مقايسه تمام اينها با حماسه ملي «آزادسازي خرمشهر» به شدت سرسري و سبكسرانه است. فوتبال، آخر آخرش يك بازي است كه اگر مثلا ايران هزار گل هم به مراكش بزند و همه اين گل‌ها را هم بازيكنان خودمان بزنند، باز نه‌تنها يك وجب از خاك آنها را به ما نمي‌دهند، بلكه حتي سفارت تعطيل‌شده ايران در رباط هم دوباره فعال نمي‌شود.

آزادي خرمشهر اما «بازي» نبود؛ افسانه‌اي بود كه رشادت و وطن‌پرستي بچه‌هاي اين خاك بر آن لباس حقيقت پوشاند. كاش در استفاده از واژه‌ها خسيس باشيم و بين باقالي و برليان فرق بگذاريم. به‌خصوص اين روزها كه نان مفت و دندان تيز اثرش را روي برخي آقازاده‌هاي گرامي گذاشته و مثلا پسر فلان مقام ارشد بانكي در كمال بي‌پروايي رو به دوربين به شهداي وطن توهين مي‌كند و مي‌گويد: «جان متاعي‌ست كه هر بي‌سروپايي دارد.» شما ديگر به بهانه فوتبال، زخم بعدي را بر اين كالبد نيمه‌جان نزنيد آقاي تاج. مردم براي بعضي از كلماتي كه شما آسان به زبان مي‌آوريد، خون دل‌ها خورده‌اند.

افرادی از جنس اقای تاج و بقیه برای ماندن در پست و مقام دست به هر حقارتی می زنند (اقای تاج مردم برای این کلماتی که شما اسان به زبان می آورید ،خون دلها خورده اند